Welcome !

32 tracks Digital/Analog recording home studio in Tucson, AZ.

Send us your tracks and we’ll mix them, edit them, giving you a master recording ready for TV, radio airplay or as an extremely professional demo to send to record labels.

Whether your tracks are showcased on national radio/TV or you are a bedroom artist who wants the best from your new recording,  you’ve come to right place.

We can provide the professional musical touch that you desire, in person or online, at an affordable rate.

We welcome local and out-of-state bands.

We offer live recordings from one to thirty-two channels! Impressed yet? Well, there’s more.

We also create soundtracks for the film industry and computer-based media, full length movies, video games, film score production, and excellent sound design. In other words, why “shop around” for the diverse needs of your original soundtrack when you can consolidate all your requirements in our “one stop shop”?



Cochise Studio & Dual Corps Activities are award winning artists with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of music quality.